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Nov 17 17

Repeal of individual mandate

by Jeffrey Simon

Blaming the repeal of the individual mandate for people not having health care is like blaming the warden that allowed prisoners to escape for depriving them of three squares a day.

Nov 16 17

When will we decide to fight this war?

by Jeffrey Simon

There can be such a thing as a lone wolf but this is not what we are seeing. We are seeing soldiers of the enemy.

Islamic terrorism cannot be defeated until we stop trying to fight it as the last war and realize that new tactics are required. We don’t know yet all of the tactics. But we see some of the tactics. Those tactics require us to wake up to the fact that there is an enemy bent on our destruction. And we must recognize that enemy in the enemy soldiers that we face.

When we say the terrorists win if we change our lives we give them victory. We do have to change. In every past war, the winners had to change how they fought it. In past wars, the civilian population of our country could just “stay home” and support the cause. There is no more staying home. And since this is a war against the civilian populace, the civilian populace cannot pretend they are not on the front line.

We just don’t know yet what the winning strategy and tactics will look like.

Jan 20 17

Fundamental transformation

by Jeffrey Simon

Obama = fundamental transformation of America

Trump = fundamental transformation of government

Jan 12 17

Year of Democrat backfires

by Jeffrey Simon

Shooting blanks

For several years now the Democrats have very little in the way of policy. Their main campaign thrusts have been that they are not like their opponents. They attack their opponents with bullets of “isms” and phobias. That is, they fire their epithet bullets of racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. But it is starting to be that nobody cares.

Why is this? Because it is as if their weapons are now empty, but they don’t realize it. They just keep pulling the trigger, not realizing that they are firing blanks. They think they are hitting their target, but the target has heard it all too often. The most unfortunate aspect is that when a real wolf appears, the boy will have no more real bullets.

Instead of being cowed by being called deplorables, the rest of us just chuckle, shake our heads and walk away. So sad.


Those still using these bullets don’t yet realize it, but not only are they firing blanks, their ad hominem methods are backfiring. Just as Harry Reid’s nuclear option has backfired, all the hate mongering if continued is just going to make it that much harder for its practitioners to regain credibility.

Dec 2 16

Clinton loss due to Comey, racism? Yes, in a way.

by Jeffrey Simon

As reported here, Clinton campaign staffers are blaming Comey and racism for her loss. In a way, this is true. It is not Comey or racism however, it is the “blaming”. That is, the Dem party is doubling down on an Alinsky blame game that has run its course and is backfiring more than having an effect.

The forgotten Americans in fly-over country are tried of hearing these attacks. The only question is how long will it be before the Alinsky tactics are recognized as having lost their mojo.

The choice of Dem leadership: Pelosi, Schumer, Ellison et al, shows that the main body of Dems is still in denial; still in the very first stage of grief.

I love that they are choosing these folks for their leaders because it shows they do not know how to reverse their decline, and we can look forward to more conservative gains at their expense.

Dec 1 16

Supply side–create more stuff for the people; Demand side–take stuff away from the people

by Jeffrey Simon

The debate over Supply Side or not-Supply Side, call it Demand-Side is another laughable exercise in elitist sophistication and bubble-think. “Oh, we tried supply-side and it did not work”. Nonsense.

Here is the common sense of it: supply side says to make every one better off, we have to create more stuff, and government should support policies that encourage such wealth creation. Demand side implies that artificial demand must be created by government. But the only way government can do this is by taking away from some so it can give it to others. Don’t they see that there is no gain by simply confiscating and re-distributing?

The only way to have more pie is to create more pie; not find new ways to divvy it up.

Nov 28 16

A Democrat complains about Republican President Elect

by Jeffrey Simon

“Goodbye free government, free elections, free speech, and free press, as well as all civil liberties.” The election of 2016? No the 1876 election of Rutherford Hayes over Samuel Tildon.

Another famous Democrat Joseph Pulitzer – of Pulitzer Prize fame – called for 100,000 armed Tilden supporters to storm Washington D.C. Fortunately, it did not happen.

In 2016, nothing new.

Nov 12 16

Hillary’s reset button

by Jeffrey Simon

Where is Hillary’s reset button now that we really need it?

Nov 9 16

Election night futures tank; market opens slightly up–why?

by Jeffrey Simon

During election night the market acted on its innate, media-driven fears. The media continued to believe its own stilted viewpoint. The media has in its heart actually ignored Trump until now, except when he acted the buffoon, or otherwise fit their desired narrative.

Then during the President-Elect’s first speech, something new and unexpected happened: the media was forced to actually see Mr. Trump for the first time. It actually looked at him, whereas previously it had only looked upon its caricature of him.

After the period of being stunned wears off, it will be interesting to see how the media and thus the market behaves.

Oct 30 16

An unprotected class it is ok to oppress

by Jeffrey Simon

We must respect all people, regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. But what about political orientation?

Where is the outrage at the blatant bias, hatred, oppression against those whose political orientation is different? Just go to most college campuses for examples of bigotry, hatred and oppression of conservatives.

Move over all you “haters” of protected classes — make room for the liberal haters. Because political orientation is not a protected class and your hatred and oppression can be freely expressed; just aim it towards this unprotected class.