Difference between liberals and conservations – their definition of success

You can tell the difference between liberals and conservations by their definition of success:

Success as measured by liberals:

  1. Get more people on welfare.
  2. Get as many extensions of unemployment benefits as possible.
  3. Get as much regulation of people and business as possible, because only the politicians “know best” for how we should live our lives.
  4. Get as much “free stuff” as possible: food, housing, education, medical care.
  5. Get more people getting a government check of some kind to make them at least partially dependent on government.
  6. Get rid of identification of voters.
  7. Get as many people as possible to vote, including ineligible voters, convicted felons, the deceased, illegal aliens, ballot box stuffing, etc.
  8. Get as much aid and comfort as possible to our enemies, even allowing treason to go unrecognized and  unpunished.
  9. Get as must distance and hatred as possible to our friends.
  10. Get as much civil disobedience as possible so that law and order is no longer guaranteed.
  11. Get as much belief in failed social systems as possible, such as socialism, fascism, statism, etc.
  12. Get as large a government as possible in the interests of a “fair” society.

And finally, get permanent majority support from your clients gained from the above “successes.”

Success as measured by conservatives
  1. Get people off of welfare, so they gain self-respect and self-reliance.
  2. Reduce the need for unemployment by having a robust, productive economy.
  3. Reduce harmful government regulations to liberate the private sector and trust people to know what is best for themselves.
  4. Get people self-reliant and free them from dependence on others.
  5. Get rid of the idea that wealth redistribution leads to a happy society such as in worker’s paradises of North Korea, Cuba, and the failed Soviet experiment.
  6. Recognize the integrity of our political process depends upon knowing the identify of each voter.
  7. Establish the integrity of our political process by making sure all eligible voters can vote, and no others.
  8. Treat our enemies appropriately as those who are out to destroy us and against whom we must defend ourselves, and recognize and deal with treason appropriately.
  9. Get as must aid and comfort to our friends as is reasonable, and create a basis for trust and cooperation.
  10. Protect law and order as the foundation of a civilized society.
  11. Recognize that the highest and best condition of society has been proven to come from a free society, including political, economic, and spiritual freedoms.
  12. Get as small a government as possible consistent with the protections of law and order and a free society.

And finally, to get a free society with the ability of individuals to enjoy their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and free to determine their own self-government.
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