Separation of Church and State means no enforced government Liberalism

Let’s really have separation of Church and State in the sense this is really meant: that government should not establish and enforce a religion on the populace. No State Religion.

That means you cannot have government enforcement of the religion of Liberalism, with its various sects of environmentalism, feminism, and humanism. And its other names of Socialism and Progressivism.

But those are not religions you say? But faith is the acceptance of beliefs that cannot be proven rationally, and the deliberate suspension of critical thinking. All of the above “isms” are such. The values and benefits of them all must be taken on faith, in spite of the proven fact that they have never worked before. Because “it will be different this time”. And more importantly, because “we have never been in charge of it before” which is what is really meant when they say “it has not really been tried before”.

Totalitarianism has been tried before, and it hasĀ never worked. And all massive government and diminished citizenry is totalitarianism.

I for one am tired of Left and Right fighting over who gets to be in charge of the State Religion. Enough!

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