Socialist systems must continually become more powerful: wagon pullers verses wagon riders

Regarding wagon pullers vs wagon riders: when you have a progressive tax system, you can get into a no-win situation, because every tax cut looks like it unfairly favors the rich. And every spending cut looks like it unfairly punishes the poor. You really have no place to combat this from.

Thus you have a systemic bias towards bigger government and more control. This tendency is profoundly exposed in the work of Hayek, in which he shows that Socialist systems must get bigger and more oppressive, continually. You never get to a point of “this is enough.”

Thus when any liberal is asked “how much is the fair share of the rich”, they NEVER answer the question. I have seen this over and over again. They cannot answer it because the true answer is “for now, we only take the next little bite. Later we come back for more.”

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