Tea Party vs. Kool-Aid Party

The Tea Party is an outgrowth the outrage and disgust of a wide range of patriotic Americans who espouse traditional American values. They are not “radicals” or “demogogues”, but represent the once named “Silent Majority.” The Tea Party was formed in response to the ramming through of the first Obama stimulus bill. This bill is described at About.com: US Conservation Politics as a “$787 billion ’emergency’ expenditure [which is] a demonstration of wasteful spending and an egregious growth of government.”

In case you did not know, “tea” in Tea Party stands for “Taxed Enough Already”, in addition to the reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773.

The Tea Party Focus

  • limiting government
  • individual responsibility as the engine of economic growth
  • reducing taxation
  • reducing government spending
  • fiscal responsibility including reducing government borrowing

There is an oppositional movement aligned against the Tea Party. I am calling it the “Kool-Aid Party.” I define the Kool-Aid Party as the informal collection of individuals aligned to opposite objectives. Namely, that would be those who espouse the elements in the following list.

The Kool-Aid Party Focus

  • government as the solution to all problems
  • increasing taxation as a means of redistribution of wealth
  • growth of government spending
  • growth of government borrowing
  • growth of organized labor as means of channeling political influence
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