The Leftist solution: declare a “free” zone

According to the left, we could solve our problem by declaring a “free” zone”.

  • Gun-free zones to get rid of gun violence
  • Drug-free zones to get rid of illegal drugs
  • Crime-free zones to get rid of crime?
  • How about making Ukraine a “war-free” zone – hey, that’s what Obama tried when he said “modern countries don’t invade other countries”. Thus he defines his own reality.

All we have to do is declare a “free” zone, and problem solved.

Back to reality. It is time that the proponents of gun-free zones realize that they are just opening up society to danger with their policies, and the the most heavily legally-armed sectors of America are the ones that are the most crime- free.

What we have in fact is a “reality-free” zone.

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