Unfair! – the cry of Labor

The time-honored cry of “Unfair” by organized labor was always directed against the “oppressor” – the capitalist. Now it is directed against government.

“We must be able to bargain collectively with the unfair, unscrupulous, evil government!”


Are you serious?

So you are saying that the government is “unfair, unscrupulous, and evil?” And that labor needs to organize against it?

The people vote for the capitalist with their purchases, and for elected officials via votes. Can a case be made that labor needs protection against the government? If, not, then neither is there a case for public sector unions.

In fact, when the government has become enslaved to the public sector unions as it has, you can make a case that the unions are in fact calling for collective bargaining rights against themselves. It is a case of labor’s henhouse clamoring for protection from the fox — but in reality the fox is just another hen.

So with government in cahoots with labor, no wonder there is the unfairness of the far superior earnings and benefits in the organized public sector.

I say “unfair!” But it is the opposite unfairness, where the public is being exploited by organized labor. This unfairness is the ability of the self-perpetuating cycle of unions bargaining with government, who grants benefits to the unions, which in turn force dues from their members, who then use their money and power to elect their government “masters”, and on and on. No wonder California is going off the deep end!

We are headed for a popular uprising of courageous men and women, who will take their opposition via the ballet box and representative government to turn these usurpers out. When the unions try to oppose this, look for violence, as the labor tradition was born in violence, and continues in that tradition.

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