Voting with their feet

It is interesting that the population shifts are showing people voting against big government with their feet.

While the trend is not yet overwhelming, high tax states have tended to relatively lose population while the low tax states have tended to relatively gain population.

The Patriot Update has an article by Dick Morris titled The Dying High Tax States that gives explicit details on which states have recently gained and which have lost population, showing the correspondence between tax rates and population shifts.

Now Illinois has passed a 66% increase in state income taxes.

I think it will be very interesting to observe in the next few years where people decide to live: in the high tax states such as Illinois, California and New York, where they are tending to increase the size of government, or in the low tax states of Florida and Texas, where they are tending to decrease the size of government.

As Dick Morris says, “you can’t keep beating a dead horse.”

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