What’s wrong with politics

I am coming to the conclusion that politics, like our judicial system, is not based on “what is right” but rather on “what makes the best sound bite.”

The decisions of our courts, it has been longly lamented, is not based on “what is just”, but rather on “who makes the best argument.” Therefore, justice is often for those who get the best lawyers.

It seems in our political world we have a similar phenomenon: we decide how to govern ourselves not based on proven best principals and ideas, but rather on granting power to those who can make the most convincing sound bite. This frees those without scruples to invent sound bites with impact without regard to their validity.

Unfortunately, it seems the liberal camp has a monopoly on convincing sound bites.

  • “tax cuts for the wealthy”
  • “corporate greed”
  • “fairness”

Such sound bites continue to sway public opinion. I believe that the majority of people are quite uninformed. That “Jaywalking” provides a valid presentation of public ignorance. And that the often repeated mantras of liberals that make no sense ¬†continue to have influence in the public square.

When the population is dominated by those without a clue, yet whose vote counts equally with mine, I am concerned. And that because they are not paying much attention, the impact of sound bites is huge. The sound bites can be completely false. Just look at what happened to Herman Cain — another victim of the attack of the sound bites.

Where are the conservative sound bites? Seems to me they have lost their mettle and are being overwhelmed by the raucous, “shout them down” approach of the rabble and the thugs (eg, the Occupiers). Sound bites like “Freedom”, “Liberty”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Small Government” … where is their “bite?”

I think it will be important if Conservatism is going to gain more ground, that there has to be forthcoming from the realm of sound ideas, those sound bites that resonant with the public, yet carry the Conservative message.

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