When will we decide to fight this war?

There can be such a thing as a lone wolf but this is not what we are seeing. We are seeing soldiers of the enemy.

Islamic terrorism cannot be defeated until we stop trying to fight it as the last war and realize that new tactics are required. We don’t know yet all of the tactics. But we see some of the tactics. Those tactics require us to wake up to the fact that there is an enemy bent on our destruction. And we must recognize that enemy in the enemy soldiers that we face.

When we say the terrorists win if we change our lives we give them victory. We do have to change. In every past war, the winners had to change how they fought it. In past wars, the civilian population of our country could just “stay home” and support the cause. There is no more staying home. And since this is a war against the civilian populace, the civilian populace cannot pretend they are not on the front line.

We just don’t know yet what the winning strategy and tactics will look like.

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