Year of Democrat backfires

Shooting blanks

For several years now the Democrats have very little in the way of policy. Their main campaign thrusts have been that they are not like their opponents. They attack their opponents with bullets of “isms” and phobias. That is, they fire their epithet bullets of racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, etc. But it is starting to be that nobody cares.

Why is this? Because it is as if their weapons are now empty, but they don’t realize it. They just keep pulling the trigger, not realizing that they are firing blanks. They think they are hitting their target, but the target has heard it all too often. The most unfortunate aspect is that when a real wolf appears, the boy will have no more real bullets.

Instead of being cowed by being called deplorables, the rest of us just chuckle, shake our heads and walk away. So sad.


Those still using these bullets don’t yet realize it, but not only are they firing blanks, their ad hominem methods are backfiring. Just as Harry Reid’s nuclear option has backfired, all the hate mongering if continued is just going to make it that much harder for its practitioners to regain credibility.

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