Yet another liberal double standard?

It concerns me when the liberals attempt to accuse the Tea Party activists of inciting to violence. I have been to Tea Party events, and seen coverage on television and on the web.

While there is obviously plenty of anger, righteous anger I might add, the viewer leaves with the impression of a truly peaceful gathering, of peaceful people.

So the accusations of the left appear to be grossly unfair. Not only the “racist”, “yahoo”, “nut-case” allegations, but most especially the “inciting violence” allegations.

But now look at the Obama regime’s actions towards our countries friends and enemies. As is well known, Obama bows and gives deference to our enemies, yet alienates our friends – most notably Israel.

In truth there is a case to be made that the actions and words of our leadership serve to incite violence against Israel. How otherwise could you interpret the accumulation of small actions, policies and statements, except to incite violence against our best ally in the Middle East?

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