A Taste of Socialism

Americans are getting a taste of Socialism. The rollout of Obamacare shows how Socialism works. And Americans are seeing that as never before.

Characteristics of Socialism demonstrated by Obamacare:

  1. The hopes and promises of the purveyors of the plan turn out to be over-promises which cannot be delivered.
  2. System failures are the rule rather than the exception.
  3. Inefficiency is the operational norm.
  4. The interconnections with the systems of the insurance companies are like spans of bridges built from opposite banks of a river that do not meet in the middle.
  5. Excuses and finger pointing dominate the diagnosis of problems.
  6. Solutions are put in place that make the problem worse.
  7. The final solution seems to be an ever-receding goal.
  8. The cure is worse than the disease. Instead of 20 million people without insurance we could end up with 80 million.
  9. The government has decided we will be better off with its solution than one we choose ourselves.
  10. The whole package is sold with deliberate, sugar-coated lying.

The irony is that this list is not a new unfolding of problems specific to Obamacare. It is known that this same set of problems have dogged all grand Socialist, centrally planned economies. It is the height of hubris to think that government can create a system and impose it on a population without all of the above occurring.

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