May 2013


The outrage of the left about “profiling” of illegal immigrants is constant. But who are the real profilers? The President and his administration have for years been profiling conservatives and exercising “unequal protection of the law”. Talk about discrimination? Conservatives are discriminated against everywhere. They are shouted down in the marketplace of ideas, on college […]

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Fundamental Transformation of America

America is being fundamentally transformed before our very eyes: Freedom of religion – no, government health care mandates trump freedom of religion. Freedom of speech – no, government sanctioned thugs can shout down conservative viewpoints. Freedom of the press – no, government fishing expeditions into major press outlets. Keep and bear arms – no, this […]

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Raising Minimum Wage is Anti-Worker and Anti-Poor

You think raising the minimum wage helps workers and the poor? Think again. It makes a lot of unskilled work illegal. Thus it takes the ability of the low-skilled to earn and puts them on welfare. But what about a “living wage”? Many of the low-skilled are new entrants to the work force. Youth and […]

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