December 2016

Clinton loss due to Comey, racism? Yes, in a way.

As reported here, Clinton campaign staffers are blaming Comey and racism for her loss. In a way, this is true. It is not Comey or racism however, it is the “blaming”. That is, the Dem party is doubling down on an Alinsky blame game that has run its course and is backfiring more than having […]

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Supply side–create more stuff for the people; Demand side–take stuff away from the people

The debate over Supply Side or not-Supply Side, call it Demand-Side is another laughable exercise in elitist sophistication and bubble-think. “Oh, we tried supply-side and it did not work”. Nonsense. Here is the common sense of it: supply side says to make every one better off, we have to create more stuff, and government should […]

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