January 2012

Obama’s Economic Record

If you wonder about Obama’s economic record, it is dismal. Here are the facts:   For more information, see the original chart and description from the Unitied States Senate Republican Policy Committee

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Right to Choose

The “Right to Choose” is yet another appeal to moral high ground used by the left to advance its agenda. It is another case of picking a popular cause, but without really believing in the principle, but just as a means of manipulating and exploiting the gullible. Take “a woman’s right to choose.” This is […]

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Proof that Obama wants America to fail

With today’s rejection of the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline by the Obama administration, there is proof Obama wants America to fail: he does not really want to create jobs he does not really want America to have energy he does not really want America to be free of unfriendly, foreign energy suppliers he […]

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