August 2015

Open letter to NRSC and NRCC

Take me off your list. I am ANGRY at national Republicans like Pelosi and Reid, oops I mean Boehner and McConnell now that they have changed their names to fool the rank and file. No more support for Democrats such as NRSC and NRCC — you liars and deceivers. You will never keep your promises. […]

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Forecasted Fetacide

Planned Parenthood is not about parenthood. Studies show 94% of pregnant women entering their doors get an abortion. They should really be called “Forecasted Fetacide”.

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A lion is just tissue

Tell a liberal, a “lion is just tissue”. Any argument they make can then be applied to a human fetus. If they come up with an argument that cannot be countered, then think on it and there will be a way to counter it. <enkode>email hidden; JavaScript is required</enkode>

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