Another “pro-choice” battleground

Another attack on freedom of choice: the circumcision argument. In yesterday’s post I said that the left is against “pro-choice” as applied to worker’s choice (right-to-work) and school choice. Now here is another.

It appears that they want a ballot measure in San Francisco that takes the circumcision choice away from parents and makes it a criminal act.

But if the voter’s want this, then I say let them have it. Not only that, but let it be a precedent for giving local jurisdictions the authority to make other “surgical operations” illegal. Why not? What is the difference at that point?

Of course by now you have guessed which surgical operations I am talking about: abortion.

As the rule of law continues to break down, we have the following other precedents:

  • Obama decides an act of Congress is unconstitutional and will not enforce it.
  • Local jurisdictions flout the law with “safe havens.”
  • This potential law to make circumcision a crime.

There is then great precedent for having local abortion laws.

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