Are you really Pro-Choice?

If you are “pro-choice”, then are you advocating a women’s “right to choose?” Is this because you like freedom to choose?

If so, then do you also like the freedom to choose in the following situations?

  • School choice
  • Choice to be or not to be in a labor union
  • Choice in health care insurance or not (without government mandates)
  • Choice to bear arms
  • Choice in running your business the way you want free of unnecessary government intrusion
  • Choice in New York City beverage size

This list could go on and on.

My point is that if you are against all of these choices, but the only choice that you like is “a woman’s right to chose”, then you must see that “pro-choice” is not really pro-“choice” and you are not pro-“choice” because you are not in favor of choice. (Note the difference where the quotation marks are placed.)

I submit that “pro-choice” as applied to the pro-abortion issue is just putting the language of the conservative on a liberal agenda item.

It would be like the conservatives labeling their “low tax, small government” agenda “the fair share” agenda.

I am really pro-“choice” because I am in favor of all of the choices listed above.

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