Be grateful to President Obama

Without President Obama, huge political changes now happening in this country could not be possible. Not what you think!

President Obama has been responsible for the following:

  • the greatest unifying force for the Conservative movement
  • galvanizing many Conservative causes into action
  • energizing the fight against big labor forced dues collection
  • giving wide awareness to the epidemic of voter fraud
  • waking feminists up to his real war on women
  • waking up the taxpayer to the huge transfer of wealth and power from the citizenry to the government
  • shedding light on the true war on business, energy and American manufacturing
  • showing the true meaning of crony capitalism and statism
  • demonstrating how “government as the solution” does not work.
Indeed, President Obama has been the single largest force in galvanizing patriots who believe in American exceptionalism, liberty, and traditional American values. Without President Obama, the Conservative movement would be led by muddled RINOs, and not by the ascending presence of a wave of new blood now coming to the fore.
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