Beck: Peaceful Assembly Verses Mob Rule

I think is is obvious that the participants in Beck’s Restoring Honor rally were nothingĀ  but 100% peaceful, and demonstrated sincerely their support for their views. There was no demagoguery, no “hate speech”, no “racism”. Only a positive outpouring of a need to move the country “back to God.”

The blogs and pundits will write many words, but there is no mistaking the difference between this event and its participants from the angry mobs recently fomented by the public employees unions to intimidate, threaten, and inflame who recently appeared on the property of a private residence. Those were plain and clear “angry mobs.”

You can call Beck’s Rally “hateful”, but doing so belies the obvious truth. There was no hate there, and name calling does not change that fact. Those who have eyes will see. And those who have ears will hear.

This rally is a harbinger of things to come.

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