Boehner Plan passes the House – cuts $7

Cutting $917 billion over ten years is a joke. That is only $92 billion a year. That is pocket change. If it even happens!

Call me a cynic, but we will never see cuts of that amount. Unless there would be additional spending cuts that are real, you will see spending continue to increase. When have “future cuts” ever materialized?

It even turns out that there is only $7 billion cut in the first year, which is less than two days of deficit! If that is not a joke, then what is?

The downgrade of the US credit worthiness will be justified by the upcoming refusal of the US to cut spending, for more than any other reason.

When a spending program is proposed, the money is appropriated and usually spent. To counteract excess in that direction, we must have spending cuts that occur now. Programs must be cut now, not in some future theoretical time.

The lack of leadership is appalling. They are Wimpy: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Having said all that, you might say that the Boehner Plan is the best that can be gotten. Assuming that it is not already DOA in the Senate. So for any real hope for this country, we have to replace the current non-leadership.

The best that can be said in my humble opinion is that at least the Republicans have put the ball in the Democrat court. And that the Democrat Party is now the “Party of No.”

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