Can the bureaucrats be unseated?

Today my cousin asked me ”┬áIs the any likelihood that the lobbyists would OK the elimination of their jobs; tax attorneys, CPAs, etc? ”

He was responding to my explanation of the 999 platform of Herman Cain. I responded to his question as follows:

Ultimately the people can overthrow any oppressors (e.g. lobbyists, tax attorneys, etc). Such as overthrowing the Communist regime in the Soviet Union. Or apartheid in South Africa. Or King George and his minions circa 1776. Or for that matter the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt. But things need to get bad enough for long enough for the people to act. And usually they need some visionary or visionaries to lead the way.

In the case in point, Washington bureaucrats have a saying: “We were here before you (the incoming President) came, and we will be here after you leave.” Thus they imply immunity to the powers of elected officials. This too can be changed. But it won’t be easy. Truly we are witnessing the “struggle of the ages” and the outcome is not assured. But this has always been the price of liberty. [Insert your own favorite pithy quote here from a founding father.]

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