Clinton loss due to Comey, racism? Yes, in a way.

As reported here, Clinton campaign staffers are blaming Comey and racism for her loss. In a way, this is true. It is not Comey or racism however, it is the “blaming”. That is, the Dem party is doubling down on an Alinsky blame game that has run its course and is backfiring more than having an effect.

The forgotten Americans in fly-over country are tried of hearing these attacks. The only question is how long will it be before the Alinsky tactics are recognized as having lost their mojo.

The choice of Dem leadership: Pelosi, Schumer, Ellison et al, shows that the main body of Dems is still in denial; still in the very first stage of grief.

I love that they are choosing these folks for their leaders because it shows they do not know how to reverse their decline, and we can look forward to more conservative gains at their expense.

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