Conservatives Want to Change Health Care Too

The left consistently shouts that conservatives “want the status quo” in health care. For example, see the discussion at Panel Discuss Obama-Baier Interview on Health Care Reform.

I don’t know of any conservative voice that says that. Everybody wants health care reform. But intelligent health care reform. Not the monstrosity of government takeover and intrusion of Obamacare.

In fact, conservatives when talking about what they will do when they get control of the government do not only say “we will unfund or repeal health care legislation”; they also immediately add “and we will enact sensible health care reform legislation.” For example, see article: GOP moves to repeal healthcare law.

Of course, plans for such a broadly-based reform will help everybody.

We have to challenge the left when they make this claim about the status quo? They need to give that ignorant argument a rest, and conservatives need to challenge it each time they bring it up.

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