Convincing the Swing Voter

According to Dick Morris, here are the ways to convince a swing voter to swing against Obama:

  • “what recovery?”
  • “cure is worse than ┬áthe disease”
  • re-electing Obama will give us more of the same

In Mr. Morris’ polling, he has found that the swing voters do not care about many other issues commonly brought up as arguments, and will not be swayed by them. Such as “Obama is a socialist who wants to redistribute income and create a big government.” Such arguments have already convinced half of the public to oppose Obama. But polling shows that they won’t influence the swing voter. The three items listed above do have a big impact however.

What Recovery?

The swing voter does not believe the government unemployment figures but believes that the employment rate goes lower only because people are dropping out of the workforce. When Obama claims things are going in the right direction, they just think “he lies.”

Cure is worse than the disease

The swing voter believes that “tax and spend”, the Obama solution, will only make matters worse.

Re-electing Obama will give us more of the same

The swing voter believes that if you like the past 3 and half years, then you will like another Obama term, as you will just get more of the same.

Bottom line

Stick to these points in your discussion with swing voters.

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