Direct Experience That Extended Unemployment Benefits Prevent People from Seeking Work

Here is my direct experience that proves that extended unemployment benefits prevent people from seeking work.

I have seen reports of studies that show that over 60% of the long-term unemployed find work in the last week before their benefits run out. If we want people to get work, this would be support for the move to shorten the length benefits are granted.

Now in my own business we are finding that we cannot fill jobs. And networking with other business owners shows they are experiencing the same. How can this be? With high unemployment you would expect that it would be easy to fill jobs. We are not even getting responses to our ads.

We are suspecting that nobody wants to work while they can just stay on the dole.

It would seem that some statistics could be compiled to support the thesis that many people take an extended paid vacation until their benefits run out. If I find some stats to back this up, I will update this post.

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    • November 1, 2010

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