I am being disenfranchised! My vote is being nullified by the lefty scammers who have figured out how to game the system.

Conservatives dont’ really care about Voter ID as an end in itself — it is a means to fair elections.

Liberals don’t really care about disenfranchisement — they want all means available to perpetrate fraudulent elections.

Having 17,000 more votes in Minnesota than registered voters in 2008? How can this happen except by election fraud.

I am tired of yet another leftist deception, which says their goal is fairness when it fact their goal is power and any means to obtain it.

Voter ID is simply a means towards fair elections, but we must go farther to enforce election laws already on the books. I assume that our election law requires that a person fulfill certain basic requirements: such as being alive, a resident of the precinct, only voting once. Different jurisdictions have yet additional requirements. The left isĀ brazenĀ in its contempt for such law.

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