Don’t be a moron – it’s your childrens money!

“Don’t be a moron – it’s your children’s money!”

I received the following email from my business partner Matt, and I am posting it here verbatim:


This video is excellent.  Watch the video first.  Then please take the time to endure my wrath below.  I promise I won’t disappoint.

Click here for the video:

My fellow Americans,

It is rare that I would ever “select all” of my contacts and send a political diatribe.  But in this case, I am willing to take the heat.

Everyone in this country should see this video.  I don’t care if you vote Democrat or Republican.  If you watch this video and you are not completely committed to stopping this insanity, you are part of the problem.  That is, YOUR apathy is one of the reasons our government’s spending is unbridled and reckless.

It is damn embarrassing that OUR GENERATION (those voting since 1980 and Ronald Reagan), has sat back and watched as OUR federal government has created fake prosperity by printing money, borrowing and accumulating astronomical debt.  While OUR generation (me included of course!) selfishly basked in our “more me now” lifestyles, OUR elected leaders pandered to our insatiable greed by shamelessly mortgaging the future of OUR children.

Both political parties are at fault; period.  At least the Democrats are transparent about their intent for “Big Government” Socialism, taxing, borrowing and spending.  The Republicans preach “fiscal responsibility” but have NEVER practiced it; at least not as long as I’ve been voting.

Don’t YOU be a moron and get swept into the Democrat/Republican blame game.  If you believe that either of these parties (who have taken turns sharing power for my 30 years of voting) have any intentions of telling OUR selfish generation that the credit card prosperity party is over, you are a moron.  Why would they piss on their own parade?

Like it or not, there is only ONE party that has the momentum and visibility to “possibly” make a difference:  The Tea Party.

I know, I know, Democrats and the media say the “Tea Baggers” are filled with racists, homophobes, and antigovernment extremist’s types like Tim McVey. (BTW, the repugnant term Tea Bagger means “a man that squats on top of a woman’s face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex”.  Classy wouldn’t you say?  What a bunch of thieves.

And, Republicans say the Tea Party is a “third” party filled with extremists that will only take Republican votes all but insuring a Democrat victory.  Nice try.

They’re both wrong.  If you believe any of this BS; YOU are a moron.

The Tea Party is grass roots surge of Americans that understand this video and are FINALLY insisting that the government stop borrowing and spending money that is NOT theirs.  Can’t we all agree on that?  If not, what’s YOUR problem with it?

Sure the Tea Party has its fringe elements but every party does.  Don’t think for one minute that a few misguided participants in a party undermine the ultimate goal of the movement; that is, to STOP the government from spending YOUR children’s money.

Listen, WE CAN DISAGREE about Immigration, Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Rights, National Defense, what ever, but still agree that spending our children’s money is a separate and unacceptable problem.

Not sure yet?  Read on.

The video above 100% accurately depicts the federal government’s spending problem but with a few BIG exceptions:

  1. The “borrowed” part of the pennies on the table represents ONLY the Federal Budget “Deficit” (meaning just what they spend every year.  BTW, it was announced yesterday that the federal budget deficit has set a new record… anyone notice that?  Of course not.
  2. This video also does not reflect your State’s Government’s budget deficit (most states are also borrowing and spending your children’s money).
  3. Most importantly, it CERTAINLY does not reflect our government’s accumulated National Debt!  Check this out…  (BTW… the increase of our National Debt adds 10 pennies to the “borrowed” part of the table in this video… EVERY FRICKING DAY)

The Tea Party’s intent is to transform the Republican Party (not compete with) by defeating their “fiscal” Liberal/Moderates in the primaries, replacing them with fiscal conservatives.  It is NOT about abortion; many Tea Party members are pro-choice.  It is not about homosexuality; many Tea Party members support gay marriage.  And, it is certainly NOT a bunch of rich white guys complaining about taxes.

It is about stopping an egocentric generation that has disregarded the needs of future generations by allowing, even encouraging, big government hand-outs, bail-outs, and buy-outs all in the name of immediate self-gratification.  Even more disturbing is that we’ve allowed this massive spending orgasm all in defiance of a constitution that was written to prevent it.

Fact: To join the official website/blog of the Tea Party you have to agree to this: This forum is for tea party activists to talk about issues and topics relevant to the tea party movement. Discussions and blogs must pertain to the core values of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets . You must adhere to those topics or your posts will not be allowed. We don’t allow advertising. No profanity is allowed and advocating violence will not be tolerated. We will not tolerate racism. No attacks on other posters are allowed. This is our private blog for our tea party activist members only. We have the right to set the rules. Do you understand and agree to abide by these rules and do you state that you are a tea party activist that agrees with our core values?

Looks like a bunch of irrational malcontents to me… ya right.

To understand why the Tea Party is our ONLY hope for spending reform, check out U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin at and click on “BURDEN OF DEBT”.  As the Ranking Member of the Committee on the Budget, he will give you a clear understanding of the unstoppable 43 Trillion dollar unfunded liability that is Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. (Again, this expense NOT depicted in this video!  This is simply an astronomical number that OUR generation is willing to pass on to the next)

Oh ya… then there’s Sarah Palin… the face of the Tea Party.

She’s a moron:  And those of us who let the government spend our children’s money are not morons?  She just has the guts to take the heat and do something about it.

She’s not qualified to be president:  So what?  I am hard pressed to believe that any president since Gerald Ford was qualified with the exception of George HW Bush who, among other accomplishments, was a Naval Aviator, Congressman, Ambassador to the UN, Director of the CIA, then served as Vice President for 8 years all before becoming President (see  The rest of our Presidents (except maybe the peanut farmer… NOT) were hardly qualified.

She’s unelectable:  Who gives a rat’s ass?  She’s not running for president as far as I know; at least in 1012.  She is completely content and embraces her role as OUR nation’s most visible media-punching-bag.  Just watch as the media insults and ridicules her with COMPLETE DISREGARD her primary message; that the disturbing fact presented in this video is very important to the American people… at least those who are not morons.

Furthermore, just watch as the Media, Republicans, and Democrats take every possible measure to mischaracterize the Tea Party.  Think of this video as they belittle YOUR children’s debt load.  It is pathetic and insulting and you’re a moron if you buy into it.

God bless simple videos like this one.  The next time a Republican, Democrat or the buffoons in the media make asinine comments demagoguing the “Tea Baggers”, or the next time a politician proposes a new bike path, or a stadium, or a bail-out, or what ever else “get me reelected” spending concoction is dreamed up, hopefully your average tax-paying moron will have a basic understanding of the true criminal nature of our government’s spending spree… and the FACT that it is all borrowed money that YOUR children WILL pay back.

Don’t be a moron.

I have a great idea for the next video like this one… let’s take ¼ penny from the “borrowed” part of table for “spending cuts”.  But, then add 2,500 pennies back to it by creating a new trillion-dollar Obama universal healthcare entitlement.

Our CHILDREN’S generation should pay for healthcare provided to 30 million people in OUR generation shouldn’t they?

Wake up.


Matt Tronnier
Hastings, MN

Future reading…

The history of our debt, check this out…

How the money is spent, check this out…

A history of taxation and the plethora of ways we are taxed (Well here’s a surprise… there’s still NOT ENOUGH tax revenue coming in.  “It’s the “spending” stupid”), check this out…

Understand who (You? Your children?) will be paying this astronomical debt through taxes, check this out… and

The video again:

Because I think this spending travesty is irrefutably important, I ask that you forward this on to every one of your contacts.

If you disagree with my claims, I question your motives or sanity but I understand.  In that case, please forward it to your contacts suggesting that you think “Matt” is the moron and leave it for your contacts to decide.

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    • Jeff Simon
    • September 3, 2010

    Even though I think “Good Abs Workout” is a spam post, I approved it because it gives me the opportunity to reply.

    1. Glenn Beck is not even mentioned in this post. Evidence that the poster is a spammer.

    2. However, more importantly: I have now heard many leftist “haters” criticize Glenn Beck. When I ask them to prove their allegation, they have always said “they don’t listen to him.”

    Typical. Like those who criticized Arizona’s law without reading it.

    They always have said “I heard that he said this.” But they did not hear it, they can’t prove it, and in fact he did not say it. They are simply willing to be the mouthpiece for the unsubstantiated claims of the real hate-mongers.

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