Exploitation of private day care providers by “evil parents?”

In Minnesota there is a movement to unionize private day care providers. What nonsense!

Governor Dayton was threatening to impose such unionization by executive order, but has since backed off with that. See Governor Dayton’s remarks.

It is the case that “evil parents are exploiting the private day care providers?” The whole enterprise of private day care seems to be about the best and purest example of the free market, with no possibility of “exploitation” either way, as both parents and providers are completely free to enter into contracts free of compulsion.

Organization of private day care providers is just another attempt of the union movement to exploit more members.

When will we wake up to realize that the past evil of “exploitation of the workers by the evil capitalist” has now been replaced by “exploitation of the workers by the evil unions” who do nothing but enrich themselves and support big government favorable to unions?

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