False is the new True – Facts don’t matter

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I am thinking of adopting the Liberal mentality where facts don’t matter:

  1. “Hands up; don’t shoot!”
  2. Junk science behind global warming
  3. There is a war on women in the US.
  4. Terrorist acts are workplace violence.
  5. Bigger government increases freedom and happiness.
  6. Whether documents are classified is determined by the author, including when written by the Secretary of State.
  7. And in Minnesota, gender is now determined by one’s own attitude.

Just some of the proof.

Facts don’t matter; it is how you feel about them that counts. The strength of the proof of something has nothing to do with facts but depends entirely on how strongly you want to believe it.

In the spirit of this enlightened Liberal world view, I have a confession to make: in my heart I feel poor. I do not feel abundantly blessed, but rather impoverished by “the system”. Therefore, I should not have to pay any taxes.

Let’s start a petition to our legislators to enact new provisions in the tax code: the “attitude exemption”. If I believe strongly enough that I am are poor, I am exempt from taxes.

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