Flying Allegations: “Let Them Put Up, or Shut Up”

With all of the heated rhetoric going both ways, I say “put up or shut up.”

In one recent example House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told CNN he’s seen “some virulent racist tracks, which I believe are harmful to the public discourse.”

Where are those “tracks?” I have heard over and over claims of all the racist actions of the Tea Party, but I have yet to see one. Surely, there are lot’s of negatives expressed by the Tea Party, but it is a stretch to classify them as racist. They are color-blind. They give opinions, but are not racially relevant. Calling Obama a “socialist” is no more racist than calling him a “sports fan.”

Why has nobody claimed Andrew Breitbart’s $10,000 reward, offered at his website:

It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

While it is easy to provide examples of racism, let’s have the mainstream media start playing all the ones that show the Tea Party as racist. You can bet that if they “had them, they would smoke them.”

But they don’t. End of story.

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    • Paula
    • July 24, 2010

    Thanks for the bracing and truthful blog!

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