“Fox News lies!” – Oh, yeah? Show me one lie.

Leftist spokesman are climbing over each other in a mad race to make their case. Having lost the battle for ideas, policy, and in fact the ability to govern, they are reduced to attacking their opponents with negativity.

The flavor of the week is “Fox News.” Last week, “John Boehner” did not work.

Even President Carter and President Clinton get into the act.

I challenge all of these demagogues and rabble-rousers: show me one lie by Fox News.

The leftist broadcasters are saying that Fox New all day long spews lies. I am not asking to be shown the hundreds of lies that this implies. Just show me one.

Show me one lie.

Just as in most claims of the Left, there are no facts; nothing to back it up. The American people are not fooled. They know that the vast number of negative statements by the left are without foundation. These attack dogs are the liars, because they have nothing to back up their claims.

And just as in the case of all the past baseless claims, this is going to backfire large.

Don’t say “they lie” — show me the lie.

It is easy to show the vast number of lies of Obama and the left. All the new books coming out do a very nice job of exposing the truth in great detail.

For example of the detailed research, see any of the following:

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