Frustrations with the National Republican Leadership

Only RINOs get to the top.

It seems to me the Republican Party is structured to gather conservatives at the grassroots. But if you want to rise in the party, you have to go through a filtering process that guarantees that only RINOs will rise into positions of leadership.

What do I mean by a RINO? In this context I mean someone who talks conservative, but is sure to sell-out, acquiesce, and pander to big-government liberal forces which pull the strings behind the scenes.

It seems to me to be grafted into the DNA of Republican leaders that they become this kind of RINO.

Whenever they have the chance to gain the high ground, they let themselves be steam-rolled by the sound bite weapons of the left.

No wonder Congress has a low approval rating. The Leftists have the wrong ideas, and there are no real Conservatives to oppose them. So the bright and cheery primrose path of false concepts has nobody to expose it for the failure it bodes for our future.

What a mess – in Congress “the smartest ones in the room” have the wrong ideas, and the ones with the right ideas don’t know how to influence others.

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