Global Warmers – the new Creationists?

Are the “Global Warmers” the new Creationists? Look what they have in common:¬†Creationists believe that a Supreme Being created the world and that it was “finished” at that time, with no evolution. Global Warmers believe that random chance created the world and that its climate was “finished” at that time, with no evolution.

In fact, looking at the climate from the scientific viewpoint shows that it has never been fixed, but is constantly evolving. The supposedly “settled science” is simply some assumptions that in fact do not hold up.

Man-caused climate change is insignificant in the greater backdrop of the constantly evolving climate that should be the “settled science” — namely that climate is ever-slowly but ever-constantly evolving.

So … Global Warmers as Creationists? Yes, I think the handle fits.

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