Government “of the lobbyists, by the bureaucrats, for the political class”

Government “of the lobbyists, by the bureaucrats, for the political class”. The new motto of the progressives and liberals.

The “political class” is of course the elite made up of elected officials, government workers, and union members.

They forget or never understood in the first place that government officials are public servants — they think the taxpayer is the servant and we work for government.

What ever happened to the Rule of Law? Instead of the rule of law, we have the continuing trend in all sectors towards the collective mentality and growth of government.

When you abandon limited government, you start making government responsible for more and more of the lives of its people. Because it has to control everything, as justified by trying to prevent all the specific ills of society, they find that more and more comprehensive economic and political control must be exercised.

Since our form of representative government cannot deal with the vast minutiae necessary to plan and control all aspects our of economy, they have to “delegate to the experts.”

Thus we end up with 2000 page bills drafted by staff that the elected officials do not read nor can they understand; we end up with unelected “czars” with unlimited power.

In fact, it is this unlimited power that becomes not only the dominant characteristic of the leadership of the over-controlled, over-planned nation, but also the cause of its key failure.

The more control they seek, the less they are able to control because of the increasing level of detail. And thus you get the demand as just expressed by Woody Allen that Obama be “dictator for a few years” because only a dictator has enough power to muscle through. (

Rule of law is replaced by unlimited power given to the unelected officials who then make the regulations.

Then you get the key House Democrat saying “there are no rules, we make them up as we go along” – Alcee Hastings (D-FL). See it for yourself in this YouTube Video.

In truth the collectivist road only stops for a rest at socialism on the way to its ultimate goal: totalitarianism.

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