Here is why we don’t hear “Party of No” anymore

Remember the “Party of No?” That is what liberals used to call Republicans. I was thinking why this is no longer used so much as a talking point.

Here is my theory: the Democrats have now become the Party of No by their unwillingness to campaign on any of the so-called “accomplishments” of Obama.

“Accomplishments” of Obama that some Democrats are now saying “no” to:

  • Obamacare (huge government power grab)
  • Cap and Tax (even huger government power grab)
  • Control of Financial Industry (yet even huger government power grab)
  • “Stimulus” (never was intended to be stimulus, but just total pork)
  • Bailout of Wall Street (pay back to big Democrat sponsors)
  • Takeover of auto industry (protection of unions)
  • Takeover of banks (to keep control, try to prevent banks from paying back unneeded “loans”)
  • Lawsuit against Arizona (demonize and pursue Arizona as if it was the enemy)

In addition to the “accomplishments” of the anointed one that Democrats are loudly not campaigning on, here are more that they have nothing to say about:

  • Further causes of America’s enemies (kowtow and apologize to tyrants everywhere)
  • Betray America’s best friends (Israel and the UK)
  • Putting record numbers of people on food stamps and in poverty (make loyal serfs to keep voting them in)
  • Promise anything, but deliver the opposite (“keep your healthcare”, “shovel-ready jobs”, “healthcare debate on C-SPAN, …, this list really goes on and on)
  • Destruction of rule of law (replace due process of lawmaking with executive orders and appointed czars)

So we now have two “Parties of No”. Joined by the American people in the middle.

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