Just say NO to the Obama-Nation!

My rallying cry: “just say NO to the Obama-Nation!”

I am getting involved by going beyond my precinct caucus to be the elected delegate to my local Senate district and County Conventions, and I am a first Alternate to the State Convention.

I am acting on the concept that “politics is local”. I am not sure how this will play out in my heavily Democrat state of Minnesota. But I am willing to contribute my time, my talent, and my treasure to the cause, to see what can come of it.

As far as “what else can we do” — it seems that the only cure for “bad information” is “good information.” So I applaud your long-standing efforts of the commonsense conservative opinion leaders to communicate the truth.

I also think the right videos can have an impact, whether viral, or with more formal distribution. As an example of the later, the new movie Generation Zero is an eye-opener.

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