Lefties have only one argument: attack the person

When I look at the comments on the Huffington Post or Politico, unfortunately the majority of the lefties seem to have only one argument.

Can you say “ad hominem?” That means you don’t speak on the merits of the issue, but simply attack the person.

The comment sections in most liberal-leaning blogs and websites are all about attacking the person, because they have no good points to make on the issues.

When they do have points, they are “talking points” that are not based in fact. Such as “failed Bush policies” and “tax cuts to the wealthy”.

But these are opinions and not facts. If you compare the failed policies of past presidents, Obama is the loser with his vast failed presidency. In one of my previous posts I examine in detail each of the so-called “failed Bush policies.” Usually each failed policy is something that Obama fails greater. For example, one of those policies was “increasing the deficit by a couple of hundred billion.” Yeah, right. Obama’s deficit increase was 10 times larger.

And of course any tax cut is a tax cut for the wealthy, because there is nothing to cut for the poor, as they do not pay taxes, and the wealthy pay the vast majority.

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