More ways for Obama to fundamentally transform America

Inspired by the great transformative steps already proposed, here are more transformations that Obama might consider:

  1. Eliminate kosher restaurants – the public health is at stake in the need to guarantee safe food preparations at restaurants. But the exceptions given by food inspectors to kosher establishments get in the way and are “establishment of religion.” And besides 99% of people don’t keep kosher anyway.
  2. Eliminate laws making certain business activities illegal on Sunday. Of course, such laws are “establishment of religion” and most people would be happy to be free of the restriction.
  3. Eliminate the pledge of allegiance. It is a throwback to primitive religion and has nothing to do with our new allegiance to the United Nations. And everyone knows that the time saved could be better spent informing school children of the great truths of how they are better off being dependent upon the state.
  4. Eliminate all military chaplains, chapels, and for that matter, all such religiously connected activities in all hospitals or health care facilities.Because once again they are establishment of religion.

Naturally in the spirit of “religious tolerance”, if you are Muslim, then you would get an exception to all of the above.

Oh, and in case the President’s retreat from such measures as requiring Catholic institutions to provide contraceptives has you thinking he has changed his mind — he has not. It is just that he could not get away with it this time, but would if he could.

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