Most amazing Olympic performance ever

In this post I will depart from the norm to share something not overtly (but probably subtly) political.

The most amazing Olympic performance ever.

“Munich, 1972. The Women’s Team All-Around Event. Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut, at the time a relative unknown, steps up for her routine on the uneven bars. All is going normally until …

“Mid-routine she stood on top of the bar and performed a backwards somersault, catching the bar on the way down. The Korbut Flip remains one of the most stunning moves ever performed in gymnastics, but will never be seen again as, deemed to be too difficult and dangerous for mere mortals, it is now banned.

“The whole routine was pretty phenomenal actually, including the transition from that flip and her final backwards leaping dismount, kicking off from the high bar and passing over the low bar. Incredible.”

(from Andy Warwick at

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