New Liberal Strategy – “it’s all about jobs”

When the Liberals held power, they moved their agenda of wealth-redistributing big government forward. What they meant by “jobs programs” was payoffs to the unions, welfare programs, confiscating from the rich, pandering to the poor but in actuality only making them dependents. A Liberal jobs program is doing make work that the market (that is, the people) do not choose.

So now that the Conservatives have more power, they are doing what they have promised. By reigning in the expansion of government, and getting out of the way of small business, reducing tax burdens and scuttling Obamacare, a real jobs program emerges, because it unfetters the free market to do what only it can – create jobs and prosperity.

But because the Conservatives will not enact the Liberal idea of “jobs”, at every turn the Liberals will criticize because the Conservatives do not enact the Liberal idea of “jobs programs.”

The Liberals never have cared about jobs. All they care about is keeping power by seducing the working class into thinking they are on their side. They are not. All their big programs are incredibly job-killing (carbon tax, health care takeover, bailouts of failed enterprises, etc.)

Wait … I take that back … they are dedicated to union jobs as the expense of the jobs in the rest of the economy. So I should really say Liberals have never cared about non-union jobs. If it were otherwise, they would not continually create job-killing, economy wreaking programs.

But do not be fooled. The real jobs programs are in fact all the things that the Liberals decry as distractions. They are not distractions. If we are to shrink the deficit, shrink government, and restore vitality to this nation, we must block all those programs where the government should not be: National Public Radio and Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Planned Parenthood, earmarks and all the rest.

Yes, and entitlements too. But don’t get distracted by the false arguments that getting the government out of the marketplace is not a true jobs program.

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