Obama administration does not know why there was insufficient security in Benghazi

Famously, Joe Biden said “we did not know”. The question was “why was there insufficient security at the American consulate in Benghazi?”

The problem with Biden’s (and Obama’s) answer is that it dodges the question. It is now being spun that the State Department and intelligence community did know, but that the information was not given to the President or Vice President. Such an answer is irrelevant and is a dodge.

When anything happens under someone’s authority, there is somebody who can provide the answer. To not dodge the question in the case where the higher-up really does not know, they would have to say “I don’t know but I will get you the answer from those who do know.” This would not be a dodge, assuming adequate follow through.

The pattern of the Obama administration for the attack on the consulate, and for that matter for Fast and Furious, seems to be just the first part of the answer. They do say “they don’t know” but they completely drop the ball on the part “but I will get you the answer from those who do know.”

So they get away with not answering the question. They might as well be a bump on a log.

Is this the kind of leadership we want?

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