Obama, his friends and enemies – he is not my President

Obama has continued on the path of exhibiting his petty, non-Presidential demeanor towards so-called enemies and friends.

Obama’s enemies to be punished include loyal Americans who happen to disagree with him, as widely quoted in a speech to Latinos. There is now a well-documented list of Obama’s enemies, whom he has urged must be opposed or stopped. Prominent on his and his party’s enemies list are the following:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Karl Rove
  • John Boehner
  • The Tea Party
  • Republicans (“sit in back”)
  • radio talk shows (“must be stopped by force”)
  • Israel (our former best friend)
  • banks
  • health care insurers
  • energy companies
  • the “rich” (including all job creators)
  • business in general
  • conservatives in general
  • anyone that disagrees with him

On the other hand, Obama apparently has “friends” who in the past would have been considered “enemies of freedom”:

  • heads of state of quasi-totalitarian states to whom he bows and apologizes
  • public sector unions that he continually is “paying off” for their support
  • teachers unions
  • unions in general
  • NAACP, apparently the new champion of racism and discrimination
  • New Black Panthers, who get a pass for outrageous, illegal behavior

With this list of friends and enemies, by his own words he is telling me that he is not my President. So for whom is he the President?

Part of his “fundamental change” is to change the role, stature and authority of the President of the United States into a small, contemptuous, shrill radical that would be more suited to a mouse of a nation, not a lion. He has proven himself unworthy.

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