Obama inherits

With the constant repetition of what Obama inherited from Bush, I thought I would add a few more inconvenient truths about what he inherited:

  • Ability to kill Osama bin Laden (waterboarding, Gitmo, rendition; all vigorously opposed by Obama)
  • Pulling out of Iraq (on Bush’s previously determined timetable)
  • Gas at $1.85 per gallon
  • United States AAA credit rating
  • Unemployment at 7.2 %
  • Three million more American’s working than now (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; 142 million now verses 145 million then)
  • Labor participation rate of 62% verses 58% today
  • Increased energy production (all from private sources as Obama cut off all the government sources)
  • 50% lower food stamp costs (from 30 million participants to 46 million now)

So stop it with whining about “inherited from Bush”.

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