Obama stunningly successful

One measure of success is how closely you have achieved your goals. Let’s look at Obama’s goals, making sure we look not at what he has said, but what he has done:

  1. Divide the country – achieved.
  2. Reduce the world standing of the United Status – achieved.
  3. Lose the trust of our allies and gain the ridicule of our enemies – achieved.
  4. Turn our foreign policy into amateur hour – achieved.
  5. Expand the power of the Muslin Brotherhood and move it towards its goal of world-wide Caliphate – achieved.
  6. Cede US sovereignty  to the United Nations via treaties which trump our Constitution and legal system as an end run around the consent of the governed to establish his Socialism goals.
  7. Expand the size of government – achieved.
  8. Increase the number on welfare – achieved.
  9. Increase the number in poverty – achieved.
  10. Decrease the size of the labor force – achieved.
  11. Advance Socialism and government control at every level – achieved.
  12. Eliminate the Constitution – partly achieved.
  13. Make people afraid to exercise free speech – partly achieved.
  14. Take the US closer to bankruptcy – achieved.
  15. Downgrade the US debt rating – achieved.
  16. Eliminate the independence of Congress and turn it into a rubber stamp – partly achieved.
  17. Eliminate the rule of law and replace it by “make up laws as we go along” – achieved.
  18. Force the first step towards socialized medicine – achieved.
  19. Increase crony capitalism – achieved.
  20. Increase the influence and power of his friends and the labor unions – achieved.
  21. Increase influence of lobbyists – achieved.
  22. Reduce government transparency – achieved.
  23. Lock in the poor into a state of dependence – partly achieved.
  24. Increase government corruption, waste, and coverups – achieved.
  25. Utterly destroy the opposition, rather than engage in political contest – partly achieved.
  26. Waste no crisis: turn every one into a way to increase government control – achieved.
  27. Turn pop culture into a brain-washing machine for liberalism  – achieved.
  28. Show how the power of organization defeats the power of truth at every hand – partly achieved.
  29. Increase racism and racial animosity – achieved.
  30. Foster expansion of class warfare – achieved.

Looking at this partial list of achievements, one has to wonder what is his motivation and what are his next goals.

I submit that he wants to parley these achievements into greater achievements of the same kind while he becomes the head of the United Nations. He would rather be the messiah/dictator of the world, as just President of United Status is too small a job for him.


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