Obamacare good bill? – you probably also think the Vikings had a winning season

You think Obamacare is a good bill? – you probably also think the Minnesota Vikings had a winning season.

All defenders of Obamacare point to its good features, as if that is enough to justify the monstrosity that it really is. It is a monstrosity because of the vast badness:

  • unconstitutional mandates
  • health care takeover
  • rationing of health care
  • death panels
  • vast expansion of government
  • imposition of unfunded mandates on the States
  • cuts Medicare $500 billion
  • raises $500 billion in new taxes
  • intrusive regulations
  • onerous requirements on business such as the new 1099 requirements
  • expansion of the IRS with 13,500 new enforcement agents
  • not-so hidden path to single payer that it implies
  • forcing people off the insurance plans that they are happy with

to name some.

When you name some of the good parts (coverage of uninsured, portability, coverage of children until 26, and a few more), what you are doing is just like saying the Vikings had a winning season, because they won a few, and did have some notable high points.

No, the Vikings did not have a winning season, and Obamacare is not a winner either.

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