Obamacare is a sinking ship – the captain will go down with the ship

Obamacare is a sinking ship. And the captain will go down with the ship.

At this point, the each of the huge number of exposures of the truth and the lies about Obamacare have become part of the common narrative. “Everybody knows this is true.” That is, the flaws are now widely known and accepted.

So no real need to tick off the arguments again.

When anyone defends Obamacare with anything that it contains that is positive, just remember this: a well-conceived, prudent reformation of health care would also have such benefits. Such as covering pre-existing conditions and broadening coverage.

What is so obvious and so sad is the reason behind the Obama administration’s refusal to create a common sense health care solution, with tort reform, national competition, etc. The reason is that in their hearts, the “health care crisis” is just another crisis that must be used to enlarge government and governmental control.

If it were not so, then why all the mandated increase to the size of government, increased taxes, rationing, reduced choices, not keeping your plan if you like it, small business not hiring, business dropping plans, reductions to existing entitlements, and on and on? All these are part of the path to ever larger big brother government.

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