Obama’s America is really not exceptional

Obama’s America is really not exceptional. Why is that? Because in Obama’s America:

  1. Our rights derive from the government. What ever rights our rulers deign to grant to us. We have no inalienable human rights.
  2. We can be compelled under “penalty”, that is, taxation, to comply with government mandates.
  3. We don’t know what is best for us; only the government knows what is best for us and can override our own decisions.
  4. We don’t have property rights; government confiscation under the guise of wealth redistribution has taken them away.
  5. We do not have freedom of speech, because government thugs can shout us down.
  6. We don’t have freedom of religion; the government can override that for bogus reasons such as “women’s health.”
  7. We don’t have freedom of the press; liberal boycott groups and government regulations through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) controls our press.
  8. We don’t have a fair elections; liberals have discovered how to stuff ballot boxes with impunity.
  9. We don’t have unfettered right to work; the labor unions monopolies have seen to that.
  10. We don’t control our educational system; the politicized teacher’s unions do.
  11. We don’t control our health care system; government bureaucrats do.
  12. We don’t control our economy; central planning of our government and the Federal Reserve do.
  13. We don’t control the Federal Reserve; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank do.
  14. We cannot decide to go to war; the United Nations Security Council makes that decision.
  15. We don’t control our trade policies; the World Trade Organization (WTO) does that.
  16. We don’t set manufacturing and energy policies; the green movement does that.
  17. We don’t control what Congress does; the lobbyists do that.
  18. We don’t control our own land; the global environmentalists do that.
  19. We don’t control our social policies; activist judges do that.
  20. We don’t control our borders; the criminal drug cartels do that.
With all of the above, we are just like the European socialist countries, none of which are exceptional either.
So what are we going to do about it?

(With thanks to Dick Morris writing in Screwed! for the last nine points.)


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