Obama’s real plan for solving unemployment

At the just concluded Democratic National Convention we heard no real plan from Obama to deal with unemployment. But the newly released unemployment figures show his real plan.

While the unemployment rate itself went down, analysts are quick to point out that for every job created, there were four people who left the labor force. Score: 96,000 new jobs; 368,000 became discouraged.

We can see now how Obama intends to deal with unemployment: discourage people from even looking for work.  Encourage them to leave the labor force and rely on government handouts instead. The handouts are unemployment compensation, food stamps, and disability, which have all grown to never expected proportions.

“Four more years” means four more years of this strategy, as the Democrat machine attempts to build a permanent majority of those dependent on government. When we have such a lopsided economy with as many or more in the wagon and fewer and fewer pulling the wagon, we are truly at the end of American exceptionalism. And Obama’s main slogan “it could be worse” will come true as it does become worse.

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